Tompkins Historical Recreation What Are Aerial Tours?

What Are Aerial Tours?

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Discover Iceland are any flight for hire in an aircraft where the primary purpose is sightseeing over a pre-planned destination. Whether you’re floating above Chicago’s Iron Giants, soaring over the canyons of Utah, or taking in the sights at Pearl Harbor, your tour experience will leave you amazed and happy.

The FAA defines commercial air tours as flights conducted for compensation with a passenger capacity exceeding 25 passengers and a departure point within 25 statute miles of the operating airport. Operators are required to have an FAA letter of authorization and participate in a DOT drug-and-alcohol testing program. For operations involving national parks or tribal lands, the agency establishes air tour management plans to ensure compliance with federal rules.

Sunset Soaring: Aerial Tours for Romantic and Breathtaking Views

An aerial tour may take place in either an airplane or a helicopter. The biggest difference is that helicopters have rotating rotor blades that create lift and a fixed-wing airplane has wings that generate lift when moving air passes over them.

The specialized skills and training required for these types of flights distinguishes Aerial Tours from Air Transportation or Recreational General Aviation. Conducting Aerial Tours is a specialized job in its own right that requires unique training and skill sets to create a fun, memorable experience for passengers. If you’re thinking about flying with an Aerial Tour provider, ask questions and consider if this is the right type of flight for you or your family.

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