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SS Flag – WWII

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ss flag ww2

This site in no way supports the beliefs, policies or philosophies of the Nazi regime led by Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). The crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis are unforgivable. This site is dedicated solely to presenting historical facts about the period and the events of World War II in which Germany was involved.

The Schutzstaffel or ss flag ww2, led by Heinrich Himmler, was the main branch of the Nazi military police force in the Third Reich. Himmler built up the SS from a few hundred members to over 50,000 by the time of the outbreak of WWII. Members of the SS ranged from agents of the Gestapo to soldiers in the Waffen (armed) SS and guards in concentration and death camps. The SS was distinctively identified by their sleek black uniforms, special insignia of lightning-like runic “S’s” and a stylized skull that came to be known as a Panzer skull.

The Ethics of Buying a Rebel Flag: Understanding Perspectives

This particular SS flag was the standard of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler division or HG. It was historically a regiment for Hitler’s personal bodyguard unit, although by the end of World War II it had grown to become a Panzer division that saw action on the Western and Eastern Fronts. Unlike a regular vehicle command flag which were square, this SS flag was triangular and has a center disk with a silver wreath surrounding a brown Army-type eagle that resembles the eagle on Army steel helmets. This swastika is also left-facing.

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