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Snyk Free Review

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snyk free

Snyk free is a software security company that provides robust security for open source dependencies. It integrates directly into the developer environment and workflow, enabling identification and addressing of vulnerabilities as they occur during the development process itself. This approach is unique in the market and allows developers to keep up with the pace of changes, ensuring that security is a continuous activity and not an afterthought. Snyk offers a number of features to support this stance, including vulnerability priority scoring, direct actionable fix advice within the context of the code itself and scans that run in seconds or minutes.

The Snyk product line includes Snyk

Snyk Free: Elevating Your Code Security Without Opening Your WalletOpen Source for identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities in open source libraries, Snyk Code for coding security and Snyk Container for securing container and Kubernetes applications. Together, these products cover the full spectrum of application security at scale, from traditional static application security testing (SAST) to a best-in-class software composition analysis and manual penetration testing platform.

Snyk can be integrated into a variety of points in the software development lifecycle, from individual developer desktops through IDE plugins or extensions, to Git repository integration and CI/CD integrations with the Snyk CLI and curated containers. This allows it to be a constant and automated presence in the development environment, helping with continuous validation and reducing the risk of vulnerabilities being introduced in a production application.

Snyk has a number of pricing tiers to cater for different organizations and sizes of team. These range from a free tier for individuals and small teams to an Enterprise-level contract based on the number of contributing developers. The price is typically based on an annual commitment and may include one-off setup fees, a discount on the initial contract period and discounts at renewal.

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