Tompkins Historical blog How Should Premium PBN Setup Be Done?

How Should Premium PBN Setup Be Done?


We are a team of dedicated Premium PBN Setup we help SEO managers to find their expired domains and build solid Private Blog Network. Our goal is to provide a good service for the client, to give them an excellent PBN and help them to rank their money website(s) in competitive niches & keywords.

A PBN is a group of authoritative sites that are used solely for link building to boost the rankings of a specific website or websites (known as the money site). PBNs can be useful for getting your sites ranking higher in Google search results and increasing your traffic.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Premium PBN for SEO Success

However, the way that PBNs are set up can impact how effective they are and whether or not they will survive a Penguin update. It is important that a PBN looks natural to Google and can pass a manual review. This can be achieved by using unique content on each site, having different IP addresses, and creating a network that is hard to tie together as belonging to one person.

Each of the domains in a PBN should be hosted on a different server, and each of those servers should have a different IP address. This will reduce the chance that Google or another third party can discover that there is a PBN being built, and it will help to protect your sites from penalty.

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