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Contract Pilot Jobs

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If you’re an experienced pilot looking to break away from the “same old thing” a contract flying career might be for you. Contract Pilot Jobs can be very well paid and provide great flexibility for the right pilots.

Airline Contract Pilot Jobs typically work for a large airline that hires them through a crew leasing company. The leasing company pays your salary and benefits but you fly under the airline’s operating certificate and policies. It’s important to research the airline and its safety history thoroughly. This can be done through ICAO, airline’s own websites, blogs, aviation trade publications, people who currently or have formerly worked for the airline and information available from crew leasing companies.

Taking Flight: Exploring Contract Pilot Jobs

Contracting can be very lucrative if you have the discipline to operate as a business. Insurances, taxes and bookkeeping become a big part of your daily routine. You’ll also be responsible for your own flight training. The good news is that you can often claim training expenses as a business expense.

As with a full time airline position getting contract pilot work is largely based on “who you know”. It’s best to have people in the industry who are willing to vouch for your abilities and professionalism. It can also help if you have a recent type rating. A newer aircraft and more current ratings will be in higher demand than older types with less current ratings. It is also very important to understand what your market value is and have all of your ducks in a row as far as qualifications go.

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