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Choosing Housing at UPenn


UPenn is a great school for people who want to do what they love and who enjoy working hard. UPenn has a huge amount of opportunities from internships, research with professors, study abroad programs and many other ways to expand your horizons. Housing at upenn also has an amazing student body and it is very easy to find a group of people with similar interests. The university has a very strong social aspect with a lot of clubs, activities, and events.

Can you choose your dorm at Upenn?

Choosing the right housing at upenn option for you freshman year is an important decision that will make a big impact on your overall college experience. UPenn offers a variety of residential options for freshmen, from traditional dorm living to more independent apartment-style environments. Riepe is a popular choice for freshmen with its beautiful architecture, location in the heart of campus, and strong sense of community. The building also hosts a variety of programming throughout the week, including Tech Time, study breaks, and intramural sports.

If you prefer a bit more independence than the Quad, there are several high rises on campus that offer apartment-style living with a suite configuration. Each unit has four single bedrooms and a shared bathroom and living area. If you opt for a high rise, it is essential to consider how much you are willing to pay in terms of cost and amenities because the price can vary significantly.

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