How to Start a Link Building Campaign


Link Building is the process of acquiring links to your content, which can help your site rank higher on search engines. This is important to SEO because it helps to improve your website’s organic traffic and conversion rate.

What is a link building in SEO?

Saket Wahi SEO link-building campaign is to determine what your goal is. This will help you set the direction of your strategy and ensure that your assets, messaging, and links are aligned with your company goals.

Identify Key Content

It is critical to create valuable content that people want to read and share. This can be through a blog post, e-book, or any other format that can get your content in front of your target audience and increase your chances of a link from another relevant site.

Strategically Choose Your Link Targets

Once you have identified your key content, target sites that have a high domain authority or similar levels of trust with your audience. These websites are more likely to pass link equity to your site and boost your ranking in search results.

Reach Out to Relevant Sites

After you’ve compiled your list of sites that you want to link to, contact them. Explain your content and why it’s unique and helpful to their readers.

Lastly, offer to provide a sample of your product or service for free in exchange for the link. This can make the decision easier for your link targets, and they’ll be more likely to give you a positive response.

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